Workaround for mirrored repo webhooks?


There is currently no built-in way to trigger a webhook when a mirrored repo is synced.

This is a known issue:

I would like to help fix this, either by creating a useful workaround or improving gogs itself. I have zero Go experience and my attempts at creating a fix on my own haven’t been successful. If I had a basic outline of what needed to be changed to make this work, I think I could learn enough Go to make it happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Why do you want to trigger a webhook of a mirror repository?


I’m using Drone, which doesn’t support multiple repo providers. Rather than run an instance of Drone for each repo provider, I would prefer to mirror my repos to a central Gogs instance and have Drone use that. Does that make sense?



Get back to the question, the workaround isn’t obvious (at least to me at the moment). I’ll prioritize the issue, that’s pretty much I could help.


Thank you for prioritizing the issue. I’m studying golang now to help out if possible.