Why do all the commits in my commit history point say "Gogs" did it?

Gogs version: 0.11.91
System: RHEL7
Database: Sqlite3

I have created an organization so that I can get a set of people access to all repositories in a functional group. That makes sense. However, when I push to the repository then go into the commit history of the repo, I only see “Gogs” as having made the changes. I was hoping I could see individual users making the changes. Is this intended? Is there an option I can flip to make it so that I can get individual users attributed to commits?


This is a client configuration problem.

First question, have you ever set up your own user for Git commit? https://help.github.com/en/github/using-git/setting-your-username-in-git

How did you push? What are the exact commands?

Embarrassingly, I haven’t set up the user in git in the same way as in your link… I had assumed that attribution would come from the git account. I push by doing:

git push origin master

Where the origin remote is an https origin. I input my user + pass and it allows me to push to the remote master branch.

I will set up my own user for the git command as your recommended and update this. Thank you for the quick response!