Using memcache for session data?

Hi! I’m currently on Gogs 0.12.3, running on top of Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1 LTS (focal).

I wonder if there is a way to get the session data written to memcache; I see that you can use Redis both for session data as well as for the cache. I’m not running Redis on this server but tend to use memcache extensively. It would be nice to get the session data there as well.

I see that sessions are part of the Context, which, in turn, uses many other components, including go-macaron/session, which can use memcache as a backend.

However, on gogs/internal/conf/conf.go, only is included (file and memory are built-in without the need of another library). I’m assuming that there might be some reason for having been left out by the developers on purpose? (e.g. it might interfere with other code, or was found to be too unreliable, etc.)

Thanks in advance!


– Gwyn