Testing a Web-hook Dial TCP I/O Timeout


In “try.gogs.io”, I am directly testing the delivery of a web-hook to start a job in Jenkins.

However, I get the following response:

{Delivery: Post dial tcp i/o timeout"}

I have tested the same web-hook in my local “gogs” repository and it works correctly.

Gogs Version :
OS: opensSUSE Leap 42.2


192.168.*.* is internal IP address, public network won’t be able to reach it. You have to know that.

#3 is the IP address for Jenkins that I am running.
If this is an internal IP address, how is it possible for this to work?
I must be missing something here.

Comment : Error messages generated by the network could be much more helpful and intelligent. Stating “TCP I/O Timeout” does not lead to a quick solution. It ultimately comes down to the purpose of an error message. It is good software engineering practice that error messages should try to suggest how the error might be corrected.


Maybe helpful: https://whatismyipaddress.com/private-ip


The web-site had interesting information about public and private networks but did not address my problem of setting the correct “url” for the web-hook.


@Unknwon gave you the correct answer, @garrymd. Your local setup likely works because Jenkins is on the same private network as your Gogs install. try.gogs.io is a public website outside the walls of your network, which would require you (or your network administrator) to setup a public entry point (e.g. firewall rule, NAT/DMZ, etc.) to your Jenkins server and use that DNS/IP in constructing the URL to give to try.gogs.io.