Suggestion for FAQ, After Upgrade from 0.9.97 to problem with custom_hooks

Today I upgraded gogs, at first everything seemed perfect. But then I noticed that some Repos I cannot push, it just failed.

So I searched for the reason,

in ~/gogs/log/hooks/pre-receive.log I got this information:

2018/01/12 14:14:42 [FATAL] […its/gogs/cmd/hook.go:155 runHookPreReceive()] Fail to execute custom pre-receive hook: exit status 1

Then I found this issue:
And this comment solved my problem:

@alunegov Thanks a lot for your comment. After deleting the custom_hooks folder for all repos, the problem is solved. :1st_place_medal:

So I deleted all custom_hooks, since I have never used it, I suppose they had been automatically generated somehow.

I am posting here, as I suppose others will have same problem, and it might save time if its in the FAQ or Troubleshooting section.