SSH 101 - Hello World (talkin basics here)


I am working on building out my first deployment of GOGs and I am having a heck of a time with the SSH keys portion. I read the “How to config SSH Settings” post about 20 times, but i am too dense to understand how to get things to play nice. If anyone is available to help with my configuration via email or IRC i could drop some coins in your paypal account.

I am using a fresh install of Gogs and the goal is to push from oxidized to GOGs. I am able to push to the test gogs server from my oxidized system, just not to my own GOGS system. i am 99% sure i am just screwing up the SSH keys. Thanks! HTH


friend pointed me here : /var/log/secure

sshd[14406]: User git not allowed because shell /bin/nologin does not exist
sshd[14406]: input_userauth_request: invalid user git [preauth]

updated /etc/passwd for the user git to be /bin/bash and all is right in the world