[solved] [ldap] unable to create initialized repo



I am trying to use ldap integration and everything works except creating an initialized repo with the following error message:

[…/routes/repo/repo.go:102 handleCreateError()] CreatePost: initRepository: initRepoCommit: git commit: fatal: --author '‘gogs_user’ is not 'Name ’ and matches no existing author 2017/10/17 14:24:48 [TRACE]

I have set attribute_mail and I have valid email coming from ldap and I can see it on users page.

Gogs version: 0.11.29

Thank you


Hi, are you able to create repository without initial commit?

Because Gogs commits on server with email, but in the message provided, only mentions the name. Currently no clue why…


I can create a repo without initial commit.
Is it possible that email which is used for the commit is not the same as the one I see on users page?


What are the outputs of following commands in your server and under the user that you run Gogs?

  1. git config --global user.name
  2. git config --global user.email


git config --global user.name

git config --global user.email


Maybe this user doesn’t have a valid email address in its user settings?


It has an email, it comes from mail ldap field.


Running out of ideas again…


Sorry, that was my git wrapper issue and it was splitting author parameter by space I guess and dropping email.
All is good now, thank for your help.