Seems to work great (thanks!)


Can’t say that I have anything to complain about. installed nicely on an OSX box here with PostgreSQL using the included documentation and download.

I’m having difficulty getting things to work with SSL but that’s outside of the scope of Gogs itself. I’m happy running it now with just http.

In the documentation, it indicated that I could skip the database prerequisites if I wanted to. I took this to mean that I’d be prompted for one and that the setup would make this happen. (That’s not the case for any newbies reading along.)

In a couple of days I’ve managed to move about sixty repositories over from github and from the private ones that I never wanted to push to them in the first place. (Imagine paying them 10 * $7 * 12 = $840/year for ten private repositories.)

Well done… and thanks.


LOL, GitHub actually $7 for unlimited private repositories, just to clarify it would be $84 not $840 :rofl:


Oh, my bad.

And yet, it’s now Microsoft so :money_mouth_face: