Request YouTrack integrate with Gogs


Hi gogs community!

I am here to propose a feature that I believe will benefit all of us!
There is a well known project and issue management system called YouTrack. Here is the link: It is free for Open Source projects and for small teams it costs only $10 (Money go for charity).

I want YouTrack to provide integration with Gogs! It will simple allow us to see commits in gogs linked to issued YouTrack - this is very useful for code analysis and tracking project progress.

The best part is that is seems that there is nothing we need to do on Gogs site. YouTrack guys are ok to implement integration on their own - all we have to do is to vote up our feature request, so they see it is demanded feature! Here is the link to the feature request:

Here is instruction how to vote up:

So, if you find this feature useful, please spend a few moments - Vote up for the feature (you might need to register which is very fast and easy).

p.s. The feature request already has 16 votes up, we need more!

Thank you very much for reading and I wish you great coding and great repo management with Gogs!


Thank you guys - Feature request got +10 votes up!
You are awesome!
Keep it voting up - I believe it will help all of us!