Repository Path

System: Win 10
Database: sqlite3

Is it possible to set the repository root path to a network folder using the UNC path? If so, how? I’ve tried /// and ///// and several variations with no luck.

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I have the same problem! I solved it by creating a “directory symbolic link”. I could as well have mapped a drive letter.

So in the app.ini I did this (as would be expected to work - it works for the SQLite3 path):
ROOT = ////server/share/gogs/repositories

That will make gogs resolve it to:

Now, here is the trick. Create a directory symbolic link:
mklink /D C:\gogs\server\share \\server\share

As mentioned, I could have mapped a drive letter - but that would have been to easy :slight_smile:

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Ah very clever! Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, mapping the drive is to easy :wink: