Replace .git folders

Hello Everybody,

I accidentally overwritten my ‘gogs’ folder when I upgraded from 0.11.79-amd64 to 0.11.86-amd64, so my SQLite3 database is gone. But I have the repositories (for example repositories/my_username/repo1.git folder). I tried to copy-paste, but gogs did not recognise. So all of my data is ‘gone’ but technically it is not. How to make gogs to see my repositories with the commit history etc?

I tried to create a new repo with the same name as before and then overwrite the new folder on FTP with the old one. That also did not help.

Thank you in advance!

What did not help? Seems like it should be.

Yes, it should have been. Anyways, I switched to gitea and it had a local repository migration option.
I’m sorry but I needed a quick solution to countinue my work.


Haha, interesting, that’s a exact feature forked from Gogs. But good to find quick solution for yourself!