Referencing Labels between repositories

Is this possible?

If I have Repository1 and Repository2 can I create a label in Reportitory1 eg newVersion and reference that label from Repository2?

I found this issue: where it seemed to say it was fixed in a older version, but i can’t figure out how I can reference that label, and in where.
In Repository2 I have created a new issue and in the text tried #newVersion, I also tried changing the issue title and adding #newVersion neither seemed to do anything.

I tried going to the and registering to look a tthe issues the user registered in the issue, but I couldn’t sign in - 500 error.

What is a “label”? An issue?

So “SpecialRepo” is a new label I have created . Maybe it will be a version number. But If I was in a different repository can I reference the SpecialRepo label in a comment of an issue?

No, label is per-repository basis. You need to create labels for each repository.

Ok, thanks. Good to know it was not something I was doing wrong.