Push new readme to remote


Gogs version is 1.8 for windows. I do not know what DB we are using. I am trying to push a readme.md file to the remote server from a local clone. It does push (I used SourceTree client) and it appears as a file in the log but it does not display on the front page when I check the remote using a web browser. I do not have this issue if I initialize the repo with a readme. This problem only occurs if I try to push a readme to a repo that never had the readme created when the repo was initialized.

Is there anyway to get the readme to appear on the repo front page after the repo has been initialized by pushing from a client?

I figured out how to do it from the web browser with gogs so it isn’t an issue anymore. But it would be nice to know how to push it from a client. I find editing through the browser sometimes is very slow to update.


… I can’t help you, contact your site admin