Optional git grep search feature


Until a solution to the search issue is found, gogs can include an option git grep search feature. Like this https://github.com/tomas/gogs/commit/7746344201d6aad808b0027642ccdcd58d3984fe. Yes, its not fast enough when you have lots of repos, but atleast something until a proper solution is found.

Also, it can help get initial user feedback over search features (format of the queries), positioning in templates, etc. before actually working on the actual thing.

Just a suggestion @Unknwon


Thanks, good suggestion!

But I think involve a script (especially could be very problematic on Windows) to implement a feature is not ideal. I would prefer to achieve the same functionality in pure Go.


@Unknwon Even a script would do. Doesn’t need to be committed to the official Gogs repo if you don’t think its the ideal solution. Just give us a gist link to a working script for linux xP


See the link in OP.


The current script isn’t perfect. One has to be logged in AND own the repo to search it.