New Packages in Debian Repo for same Build Version


I installed gogs from Debian Repo as described in for Debian Stretch. As shown version 0.11.91 should be in the Repo. I noticed that new Packages came into the Repository within the last days, leading to updates on the system:

Start-Date: 2020-05-05  08:27:26
Commandline: apt dist-upgrade
Requested-By: XXX (1017)
Upgrade: gogs:amd64 (0.11.91-1588410957.82ffca3f.stretch, 0.11.91-1588589312.9fd4f556.stretch)
End-Date: 2020-05-05  08:27:35

Start-Date: 2020-05-11  07:12:00
Commandline: apt dist-upgrade
Requested-By: XXX (1017)
Upgrade: gogs:amd64 (0.11.91-1588589312.9fd4f556.stretch, 0.11.91-1589169326.20038646.stretch)
End-Date: 2020-05-11  07:12:12

Is this expected? Created someone new builds? Is there any difference in the packages?

Furthermore I noticed that the version shown in /admin page shows another value than 0.11.91:

Anwendungsversion    0.12.0+dev
Git-Version    2.11.0
Go-Version    go1.14.2
Build-Commit    N/A 

Thanks in advance

I think this is how used to indicate package versions, I would say that is expected yet not useful. What version reported by Gogs itself is the source of truth.

ok, but then we have a Problem here, I think. I installed the package from the stable repository but the version shown in gogs is a development version. I also wonder about the two new packages in the past days - is it possible that the packages do not contain the desired stable state for 0.11.91 but some kind of development state instead? tracks master branch of Gogs repository, which has the tip version. I don’t know how to make only tracks certain release branches (which we don’t have yet). Might investigate once 0.12 is released.

I really like gogs and you do a great job. I use it in a production environment, so I appreciate stable releases with the ability of automated updates. Would be great to see this realized. I found this, maybe it’s helpful. Thanks in advance…

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Cool link, thanks!