Linewraps in the web editor for long lines (e.g. in LaTeX)


I have a repository that contains a LaTeX project, and I would like to use the web interface to make the project easily accessible to people for proofreading and review.
The only problem I’m facing is that the web view of the source files displays each line of LaTeX in, well, a single line. Since it is common in LaTeX to not enter linebreaks unless you want to explicitly start a new paragraph, this results in very long (>120) lines. I would like to avoid lots of horizontal scrolling, so I was hoping there could be an option to enable soft line breaks/line wraps in the web interface like many code editors do.

I’m aware that the current behaviour is best for source code, but in my particular case, it’s inconvenient.

If anyone has other suggestions for a workaround, I’d be open for suggestions. My primary concern is making my project accessible to people who have no experience with git or LaTeX.

For what it’s worth, I’m running Gogs Version:


I think… you need to inject custom CSS to achieve that.