Latest version of Gogs?

I’ve noticed that the Binaries area of the main Gogs website hasn’t been updated in a while (it still shows v0.9.13 there which is the version I grabbed when I did my install a few weeks ago).

However, over on Github it shows the latest version as v0.9.30 which sounds like quite a few commits have occurred with probably good small improvements to the code base since v0.9.13.

Are there plans to update the main website with the new binaries, or are you more expecting folks to do their own creation of the binaries individually using Go on their machines?

Overall, I’m really happy with Gogs as a product so far…just wish it had some more bells and whistles but I understands it’s mainly just a one-man operation so everything is appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi, currently no plan to release next binary version soon…

I noticed the same.
But it seems that the (un?)official docker image is always published with the latest Gogs binary release.

docker pull gogs/gogs

(so right now i’m running this container with the 0.9.30 binary)

Yes, Docker image is always the latest.