Install a Dark theme

I created a dark theme for gogs , if anyone finds it usefull …

github link
More details:

This repo contains styles/themes for well known self hosted git service Gogs.
If you find something not displayed good , feel free to contribute
to make it together even better!!

Steps to activate a theme:

$GOGS_ROOT = your gogs root install location

  • cd $GOGS_ROOT
  • git clone
  • cat ./GogsThemes/inject/head.tmpl >> templates/inject/head.tmpl
  • mv ./GogsThemes/img/grad1.png public/img
  • mv ./GogsThemes/themes/dark_theme.css public/css/themes
  • rm -r ./GogsThemes


To disable a theme:

Just open $GOGS_ROOT/templates/inject/head.tmpl and delete
the line contains : <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/themes/dark_theme.css">