Import path error when fetching gogs source with go get

Gogs version
Running Debian 10 Buster with MariaDB 10.3

I’ve tried on two different systems with the same configuration, but when I attempt to run the command ```
go get -u – I get the following two errors:
unrecognized import path “

I get an identicle second error for internal/settings, but I can’t post it because it detects it as a link. There is more data but it will not allow me to post. I felt it may be more appropriate here than as an issue on the github repo.

On system 1, I had cloned the github repo per the installation from source instructions without issue, and built successfully, some time ago. When I tried to update with the instructions found on the gogs website under Upgrade from Source.

I get the error. So I tried the same on a new system, and the same thing happened. Not really sure why its failing, but figured it may be new as I can’t find any reports of it anywhere yet. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

It is worth noting that within the source file directories, it does appear to have fetched the files in the import path regardless, or at least modify them in some way as their modified timestamp reflects the date and time I run go get -u

The Gogs project has started using as the import path.

To install from source code:

Thanks. I followed those instructions previously, but I’m getting the error when I try to follow the instructions to update from source using go get -u <link won’t save> I get the import errors.

The instructions in the link I posted suggest to use git clone not go get (used to be).

For installation, yes, but for upgrading an already existing installation, they say to use go get. If you follow the link you provided, and on the left hand side under Upgrade hit “From Source” it says to use go get, so should I just be using git clone to upgrade the source then?

Thanks, missed that one!

Yes, git clone is all you need.

Thank you for your help. git pull is what I meant, I see its been updated. Much appreciated.