{{.i18n.Tr "home.my_mirrors"}} works but {{.i18n.Tr "user.sandbox"}} shows raw strings (keys)


Gogs based on commit ddc7a2dd4d1a8a644bb76d110168c710995f89d8. I am trying to add my own localized strings in this template:

<div class="pages">
	<div class="inline field"><label>{{.i18n.Tr "user.balance"}}:</label><span>$0.00</span></div>
	<div class="field">
		<button class="ui green button">{{.i18n.Tr "user.top_up"}}</button>
		<a href="/sandbox" target="_blank" class="ui green button">{{.i18n.Tr "user.sandbox"}}</a>
{{.i18n.Tr "home.my_mirrors"}}

included from the dashboard:

			<div class="ten wide column">
				{{template "user/dashboard/pages" .}}
				{{template "user/dashboard/feeds" .}}

My /conf/locale/locale_en-US.ini has the following:

change_avatar = Change your avatar
join_on = Joined on
repositories = Repositories
activity = Public Activity
followers = Followers
starred = Starred repositories
following = Following
follow = Follow
unfollow = Unfollow
balance = Publishing balance
top_up = Top Up Now
sandbox = Go To Sandbox

I must be missing something.

Hi! After you changed files in conf, you need to do these steps: https://github.com/gogs/gogs/blob/master/conf/README.md

Thanks … You were right of course. I missed doing make bindata in the root.

If you do make web, I think it would do make bindata for you :slight_smile: