I don't see files commited to gogs (similar to #3697 #4404)

[Gogs version 0.12.1, SQLite3 3.27.2 2019-02-25]


I commited via SSH two files, but I don’t see them in the web interfeace.
The two files are seen by git because I can display them with git show .

I have already manually changed the is_bare in the SQLite3 DB but nothing.

Where or what else may I check?


I’m really close to the end of my project :slight_smile:
Any hint on how to troubleshoot?


Not lookig for the solution but at least where to look at, I really would to bring Gogs in the company :slight_smile:
For the moment the project is on hold :frowning:, I fear they will stop it… :frowning: