I can't figure out how to create a branch


I must be going completely mad here but I can’t see how to carry out one of the most basic tasks!

I’ve got my self-hosted Gogs install running on Debian 8 and using reverse proxy. Installation was a breeze.

I’ve set up a user (I’m an admin user) and a test repository.

To create a branch in Github I would click on the ‘Branch: master’ dropdown, type the name of my new branch in the ‘Find or create a branch’ box and then click the blue ‘Create branch’ box that appears below.

In Gogs I click on the ‘Branch: master’ dropdown, type the name of my new branch in the ‘Filter branch or tag’ box below but nothing appears for me to click on or interact with to create a new branch. I’ve also tried pressing Enter, and Branches is definitely selected rather than Tags.

I’d convinced myself it was either user error (still highly likely) or a configuration error, but I’ve signed up to the Gogs demo site and created a new repository and have the same issue.

I have tried this in current versions of both Safari and Google Chrome.

I realise I’m almost certainly going to look like a complete idiot here but if someone would please point out the obvious I’d be very grateful!


Hi, there is not much rich operation on web UI for Gogs compare to GitHub.

To create a new branch: https://github.com/Kunena/Kunena-Forum/wiki/Create-a-new-branch-with-git-and-manage-branches


Thanks! I thought there might be equivalent web functionality. I’ll do it from the command line.


It’s an important feature. And It take me half a day to find that the gogs does not support to create a new branch in web ui.Maybe the gogs team needs add an announce behind the branch‘s selecting


When editing a file and doing a commit there is the option to do it in the same branch or create a new one.


Wow! Thank you