How to manually merge pull request after conflicts

I got this message after a pull request:

This pull request can't be merged automatically because there are conflicts.
Please merge manually in order to resolve the conflicts.

How do I manually merge the files?

I am using Gogs on Centos 7.

Hello, i was having the same problem. Solution is simple.

After you have a pull request, which cant be automaticly merged. You have to go to your local repository… checkout the feature branch … in command line write the command
“git pull [address of your remote repo] [name of the base branch]” after that, it localy want’s you to resolve the merge confilct… you do that, commit the changes in your feature branch and push the branch with a ref to your pull request ex. “commit msg #2” … after that, you should be able to see automatic merge in your pull request on GOGS … you’re welcome