How to make Team Repositories? (2x updated)


Hi, I’m currently evaluating Gogs version for our enterprise and so far I think it’s really great! :ok_hand:

But I just can’t figure out how to assign a repository to a team. :confused:

I’ve created a repository and pushed to it. Then I created an organization and a team but I don’t find an option to assign the repository to that team. Neither when creating a new repository I find no option to assign it to a team.


Ok, I found the option to add repositories to a team but it is only available for Admins that’s why I didn’t see it with the regular user I was testing with.

  1. Question: why should a regular team member not be able to assign his own repository to a team that he’s part of?
  2. Error: even though I found the option as an Admin it still doesn’t work. The repository could not be found even though I picked the one suggested by auto-completion. I also tried it with the owner of the repository after making him Admin. Same error (see screenshot).

Update 2

Ok, I found out that I have to create the repository on organization level in the first place and then I can assign it to the team subsequently.

I have to be global Admin though in order to create an organizational repository. This seems a bit awkward but Gogs is still in development and hey, it’s free! :grin:


The owner of organization can create repository as well…