How to access uploaded .EXE files in repository


Gogs Version:
Windows Server 2016, SQLITE
Attempted to reproduce on but the file upload limit is preventing me from doing so.
Tried to find a similar topic but couldn’t.

I’m very new to Git in general, as well as Gogs, so I’m still trying to understand it.
We have file uploads for all file types enabled and our maximum file size is 10MB.
If I drag an EXE file and wait for it to upload, give it a name and hit save, I get taken back to the directory but cannot see the EXE in the file list.

Do I have to change another setting in the config to enable this, or is this not possible/I’m going about this the wrong way?


Upload to where? What “file list”. Do you have screenshots for each step?


Trying to upload to a directory within a repository (click through to folder, click Upload File).

I’m trying to add additional files that the PS1 relies on, to make it easier for techs to just download the entire repo and use the folder as-is. I just tried with a txt file actually and that doesn’t appear either. Should I be doing this another way?


Looks like the upload part is succeed, but the commit and push back to the original (your) repository wasn’t successful.

One thing you could try is to restart Gogs (which cleans up temporary data generated by it). And the meantime, you can always add files, commit locally, then push to the server.