Gogs Should Be Listed on MacUpdate

MacUpdate is a site that lists MacOS software, allows visitors to download apps directly from the site, and encourages users to review and rate the different packages. It is an extremely popular site in the Mac community, and used widely by Mac system admins.

I believe a listing has to be entered - and updated - by the software developer themselves, so you do have control over it. The developer is also allowed - actually encouraged - to respond, in case any negative reviews prop up.

It would be extremely useful for Gogs to have a listing there - and it would allow us, your fans, to promote Gogs by leaving positive, public reviews on MacUpdate.

what are you talking about?

Github is already the best source to have the last version…

@zeta MacUpdate has a different purpose to GitHub. MacUpdate is a site people consult when they are researching available software packages. it would be extremely useful for Gogs to be listed there.

Useful but with adware…

The same can be said about Google. Nevertheless, they’re still a force to be reckoned with, which can be used to your advantage. The same can be said about MacUpdate. You’re not doing Gogs any favours by NOT being listed there. It’s THE most popular reference list in the Mac world, and it could substantially help Gogs become better known.

And, by the way: Malwarebytes is not a reliable source of commentary, considering that their main source of income is their anti-malware/anti-virus software. Check your sources.

Wrong. Gogs, NOT being listed on MacUpdate gogs will not encourage users to use a site that will install adwares and other shits on your Mac. Is just a way of thinking problem. The only one who can choose is @Unknwon

MacUpdate does NOT instal adware on your Mac. I’ve been a Mac user for over 20 years, and have used MacUpdate all this time, and what you’re saying is rubbish. You’re providing an opinion which is not based on fact, and is IMHO, unhelpful to Gogs.



Need More?

Sorry, I accidentally deleted my post here.

What I had stated was that, indeed, it would take a lot more than a tweet from a disgruntled user who doesn’t understand how MacUpdate works, or a fear-mongering article from a site run by Kaspersky Labs. These sources are obviously no reliable in this context. The Twitter user shows they have no knowledge of how MacUpdate works, and anti-virus companies have a vested interest in crying wolf.

It seems you believe MacUpdate is a software-distribution or repository site. It isn’t. It’s a software rating and review site. You just happen to be able to also download installers from the software directly from the source - ie., directly from the software publishers - from the site. MacUpdate doesn’t keep any files there, the links point directly to downloads from the publisher’s sites. If Gogs were to have a listing there, the download for Gogs - if available - would be coming directly from Gogs servers, not MacUpdate’s.

MacUpdate is a well-respected source of software commentary and advice in the Mac community worldwide. Every Mac consultant I know uses it when providing software recommendation to their clients. And most Mac users I know also use it frequently, when comparing available software, and looking at reviews from the community at large.

Like I said: it would be incredibly beneficial for Gogs to have a listing in MacUpdate.

You are saying kaspersky lab is not a nice source… wow, i hope your work is not on IT.

@zeta Your tone can be easily interpreted as disrespectful and condescending.

I have done nothing here but provide a well-meaning suggestion. You shot me down without taking the trouble to even look properly at the information I’ve given. By providing the comments you did, you show you know nothing about MacUpdate, and certainly would have very little contact, if any, with the Mac community.

That’s perfectly OK. We don’t all have to be experts at everything. But then, if you’re NOT an expert, don’t provide commentary. Your commentary is unlikely to be insightful, and can actually be damaging - not just to you, but most importantly, to the project you’re supposedly trying to help.

@icouto, i’m sorry but i talked about the trouble, i provided source and you said “Malwarebytes and Kaspersky lab are not relevant source”. I linked an user tweet demonstrating that the package from MacUpdate installed an adware and still for you is not a relevant source, i linked too a blog post from a customer that sent a letter to MacUpdate to remove the adware from his package, what else you want as proof? I’m sorry if you think my tone is disrespectful, is not my idea. But talking about security and ignoring sources like Kaspersky lab for me, is just talking with a wall.

EDIT: i’m wrong
EDIT2: no, i’m not

Look here

the source of this package is:

The link to the Kaspersky article actually stated that there were sites that were distributing software that installed malware - not that the sites themselves were installing the malware in people’s computers. You should take the trouble to read your own sources before quoting it.

The tweet from the user clearly stated that they had a problem with the Skype installer, which they had downloaded while visiting MacUpdate. The user mistakenly believed that this installer file had been changed in some way by MacUpdate, not understanding that the installer they downloaded came directly from Microsoft - and had nothing to do with MacUpdate. If you have any doubts, it’s easy to clear it: visit the Skype listing at MacUpdate and do the download yourself. You will see that you are re-directed to the publisher’s servers for the download.

Moreover, if you were a regular visitor to MacUpdate, you’d see that it’s littered with notices of users who make the same mistake, and the usual response from MacUpdate staff, stating exactly what I just told you here. MacUpdate staff are actually nice enough to contact the software publishers, and let them know, too - and the software publishers have been known to thank MacUpdate publicly for this.

If your only source of security information is a site by Kaspersky, I’d suggest you do a bit more research. But most importantly, we are not talking about security here: we are talking about the reputation of MacUpdate, a well-established, well-known and extremely well-regarded site in the Mac community worldwide. You have shown to know very little about the site, and yet, it is you who wants to cast aspersions.

Worse still: phrases like “I hope your work is not on IT”, and “…is just talking to a wall” are clearly meant to be insulting, which is sad, and totally unnecessary.

We’re here, supposedly, because we like Gogs, and we’re all, in our way, and using the knowledge we have, trying to help promote it and advance it. I’m trying to do my part with the suggestions I’ve provided. To someone well-entrenched in the Mac community, as I am, these suggestions would seem trivial and obvious - just like using Kaspersky products would seem obvious to someone in the Windows world.

We can close the question generating the hash of the file from MacUpdate and the one from the skype website the only problem is that skype.com has not a version history and the last version on MacUpdate is and from skype 7.25.356

Btw i think this flame is enaugh we should stop on respect to the others Gogs customers and the Gogs devs.

You have your ideas, i’v mine. Everyone has them and that’s right. Sorry again for the flame, wasn’t my intention. If want to keep talking about security questions we can talk in PM