Gogs restore:Error 1045


I was migrating gogs from mysql to sqlite,but error occur。I paste the error info hope to get help,thx.

$./gogs restore --from=“gogs-backup-20180625113303.zip”
2018/06/25 06:11:19 [ INFO] Restore backup from: gogs-backup-20180625113303.zip
2018/06/25 06:11:19 [FATAL] Failed to import database: drop table ‘User’: Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘gogs’@‘ecs-xx-xx-xx-xx.compute.hwclouds-dns.com’ (using password: YES)


MySQL to SQLite3? … seriously?..

You can setup a new config file which uses SQLite3 as database and use --config <path to your new config> so Gogs won’t use the config file inside the backup archive (which uses MySQL).