Gogs does not pusblish on feeds from control panel after migration

Hi everyone! I have migrated from Windows to CentOS succesfully but after face and resolve several issues I am not being able to visualize feeds from Control Panel corresponding to my migrated repos but I am capable of seeing feeds from repos created in this migrated server. Also I realized that theirs commits do not appear on action database table. How can I solved this?

In /admin panel, try:

I just forgot to mention I had done that and did not resolve anything. I have read also about mount point containing the repositories is not set as noexec but I must say I did not understood the stuff.

Please post commands and output you used to push a repo, including the SSH/HTTP URL (hide domain name if publicly accessible).

Hi! I have got established the origin as https://XXX:PORT/repositories/MyRepo.git and I just push doing git push origin develop or just git push with a common output like the next one:

It does not look like the way you have in the screenshot, the actual URL you push has three slashes / where you are supposed to only have two (unless you’re visiting Gogs with a subpath?).

The correct one is that of the screenshot. Both for pushing and accessing through Gogs URLs are the same: https://XXX:PORT/repositories/Organization/MyRepo.git is the URL for the repo and https://XXX:PORT/repositories is the URL for accessing Gogs.

Hi! Must I still hoping for help and a solution for this issue or must I ignore it?

I see. It could also be caused by Git hook failure. Check if there is any logs in path/to/gogs/logs/hooks right after a push?

I checked the existence of files in path/to/gogs/log/hooks and in fact there are three files there: post-receive, post-update and update but ampty.

I think… I know the problem.

Change the following config to http://XXX:PORT/repositories/ should solve the problem:

Or more generic for your case: %(PROTOCOL)s://%(HTTP_ADDR)s:%(HTTP_PORT)s/repositories/

Hi dear friend! I had make your suggestion on the file path/to/gogs/custom/conf/app.ini as you are able to see next:


I had to add the PROTOCOL, HTTP_ADDR before but that did not make a change to work :frowning: yet.

Also I reviewed the directory path/to/gogs/log/hooks and still empty files except for post-receive.log file that contains now:

Good find! The last line of log indicates the problem, it received not 2xx response code.

Could you enable trace level logging by changing your custom app.ini similar to follows:

LEVEL = Trace

This will print the actual URL it tries to send requests to, after you made another push.