Gogs 0.11 RC is released

Hello everyone,

Hope you have pleasant experiences with Gogs so far!

We’re glad to announce that Gogs 0.11 RC is released!

You can find binary downloads in the usual place.

The changelog is available at GitHub.

Please enjoy and happy coding!


I’m so glad and happy that this project is back on track… :clap: :thumbsup:

Keep up with the good work you are doing! Thanks.


Upgrading Gogs always gives me fear. It would be great if there was a more automated less scary path.

Maybe helpful: https://gogs.io/docs/upgrade/upgrade_from_binary

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Upgrading gogs is super easy (at least for those using SQLite). Backup gogs directory, overwrite gogs directory with new binary/templates. Done. Check release notes for changes in app.ini.

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