Gogs 0.11.33/0.11.34 is released


Hello everyone,

Hope you have pleasant experiences with Gogs so far!

We’re glad to announce that Gogs 0.11.33/0.11.34 is released!

You can find binary downloads in the usual place.

The changelog is available at GitHub (0.11.33, 0.11.34).

Please enjoy and happy coding!


Hi, is it just me, or has the view for the Activity page for a Team been squashed?




@PelNet hi, not quite understand your concern, can you explain more?


When I use the drop down menu on the main page to select a ‘Team’ I get a horizontally ‘squashed’ view. Likewise the ‘Issues’ and ‘Pull requests’ pages are horizontally ‘too narrow’.


I hope I’m making sense here. Maybe the screenshot is better, though.



@PelNet thank you! Reproduced on my test machine as well. Looking for solutions.


@PelNet FYI, latest master should have this problem fixed, thanks again!


Well, thank you!

Next time I’ll try tobe a little more specific and provide a proper issue on Github :slightly_smiling_face:

Will proceed to test a checkout of the master branch.




Thanks again, fix confirmed and pushed to production. Great work.




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