GitPitch Markdown Presentations for Everyone now supports Gogs!

I’m very pleased to announce that GitPitch - Markdown Presentations for Everyone now supports Gogs.

If you already have an account on then you can get started right away and create your first slideshow presentation by simply pushing a markdown file to any repo and viewing your presentation on

Here is a demo GitPitch presentation that I just pushed to my gitpitch/kitchen-sink repo on

Of course, Gogs exists to be a painless, self-hosted Git service. So for everyone hosting their own Gogs server you can now host your own GitPitch server and enjoy all of the benefits of GitPitch + Gogs locally. See the GitPitch Wiki on GitHub for step-by-step instructions.

I hope this is something the Gogs community will enjoy. If you have a chance to try it out please let me know how it goes. Go for it, create your first GitPitch presentation under Gogs and get the word out about the things you care about :wink:

Just like Gogs, GitPitch is an open source project found on GitHub.

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Thank you! Looks great.

I’ll add this to readme.

Great, I’m glad you like it. Your users might be interested to learn about the new code-presenting feature just released.

Here is a sample presentation demonstrating code-presenting directly from a repo.

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