Git post-receive hook return error Permission denied

Hi, I’m trying to implement git push to deploy to a webroot folder.
I have added below in gogs web repo settings Git Hooks post-receive

git --work-tree=/usr/share/nginx/html/proj1 --git-dir=/srv/repo1/.git checkout -f

and when I do git push it return this error,
remote: fatal: Unable to create ‘/srv/repo1/.git/index.lock’: Permission denied
remote: Gogs: Internal error

/srv/repo1 is created with git clone http://localhost:3000/testuser1/repo1.git

Here’s my system info
Centos 7
Gogs Ver 0.12.2
Git version 2.24.1
Go version go1.15

Thanks for the feedback!

This is the closest answer if I have to guess: