Downloading EXE/MSI via BITS transfer results in error


I did a search before posting. From my investigation I’m almost certain the issue is limited to our environment but I’m not an expert with Gogs/Git so I thought I’d double check.

Application version: 0.12.1
Git version: 2.19.1
Go version: go1.15

Windows with SQLite3.

We upload MSI and EXE files to our repos fine. We can click “raw” to download the file itself in a browser, no issue.

  • If we attempt a BITS Powershell transfer from a computer on the same network (but not same VLAN), we get this error:

“The resource loader cache doesn’t have loaded MUI entry. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80073B01)”

  • If we attempt a BITS Powershell transfer from the same VLAN (either from the same server that hosts Gogs or from another), we get this error:

“The server did not return the file size. The URL might point to dynamic content. The Content-Length header is not available in the server’s HTTP reply.”

If I use the same script to download a different file type - say csv or PS1, that works absolutely fine.

Thanks for any input!