Discussion: What does the community think about the new logo?


Because the logo was changed today, I’d love to know who else prefers the old logo with the Go language mascot ?
I joined this project, at least testing-wise especially because of the logo and am kind of sad, that it was abandoned.
It’s a unique and great logo in my opinion.
Maybe it was just because there were some source files missing, that the logo was changed, I don’t know
(recreated psd files click me)

I hope we will get the old logo back or at least an option to use it instead of the new one.



Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

There few main reasons why I decided to change to the new (current) logo:

  1. I’m not a person who could design logo myself and I saw Egon’s great art works on his repository: https://github.com/egonelbre/gophers
  2. Old logo was not neatly done, such sharp edges, etc.
  3. Doesn’t look as good as current one is small scale (favicon, header), which is the majority of the usage.

Opinions are of course subjective, and you can certainly continue to the old logo in your instance by replacing corresponding files in public/img.


I like the new one, it’s representing a git much more than the old one did.
Gogs is a platform for developing programming code, most of them have technical purposes, so I prefer a cogwheel more than an animal.


I think the new logo looks like it’s already ten years old…
The gradient and the outlines are ugly and unnecessary. And why is it a cogwheel!? It doesn’t have any recognition value at all. From a design perspective, it is not a good logo.

I actually don’t want to update my gogs version because of this logo, because I don’t want to be bothered replacing it…

Well, I know the old logo was far from perfect, but it had it’s charm and was way better than the current one. I think, the fact that gogs is written in GO is also something special that was very well communicated with the old logo and now is totally gone.

Sorry for the rant.

I would highly suggest resdesigning the logo, because good design is kinda mandatory for a successful open-source-project nowadays. I think gogs really suffers from this re-branding.

That said, I love gogs, keep up the good work. :wink: