Discussion: New (enterprise-ready) features


I discovered gogs a while ago and am using it since severeal moths for my private projects - I love it so far!

But i think it lacks some features to really make it interesting for companies (like the one i’m working in right now). These are just my thougts, i don’t know if these are good or dumb, so i post them here to disscuss a bit. I’ve already found open issues for some.

Improvements for issues:

  • Priority (#1741)
  • Due Date (I know you can add a due date to milestones, but it would be nice to have this feature on issues as well, i.e. for smaller issues not worth pulling out a full new milestone)
  • Related Issues (This issue depends on another which you need to close before you can close this one)
  • Estimated time for this issue to work on
  • Time Tracking (Users can specify the time they were working on this) (#286)
  • Stauts (Created, Working on, Needs test, etc.)
  • Percent Complete

Improvements for organisations

Create issues per organisation (Without a repository)

In my company, we have a lot of these (as we create an issue for pretty much everything we do), such as calling a client or repair someones computer.

Other features:

  • Message board (very very simplified slack)
  • Chatroom (#3317)
  • File storage
  • Todo-List (From Issues, maybe add a setting to an issue “make this a todo”) -> To have a “per-organisation”-overview of open issues
  • Boards (Kanban-like-thing, see “Github Projects”) (#3716)


Hi, thanks for the suggestion!

I agree most of Improvements for issues: except Stauts (Created, Working on, Needs test, etc.), this can already be done via labels.

This part, hmm. Not likely in the near future.


I’ve only recently started using Gogs primarily for private repos as well. One of the things that attracted me to Gogs, and why I installed it over other solutions was the simplicity. Simplicity to install and setup. It’s a good Git service and will improve over time. Adding features outside of Git may take away from that experience.

My opinion, a large number of the features you’ve opened for discussion should stay within their dedicated applications. Slack can handle the majority of your organizations needs listed in “Other features:”. With slack you have native apps on multiple operating systems to interact with you’re team. If these features were rolled into Gogs, access would be restricted to the web interface.

Project management isn’t the purpose of Git. Though Git can be used with project management, things like time tracking, status updates, best belong in a place where clients or billing can also interact with that data + their native systems.

Percent complete is interesting, showing some basic status, maybe as a note on a branch, may help members of your team know where you are without communication. This could still be resolved using Slack or other messaging system.

Maybe a plugin system would help extend functionality without taking away from the core user experience. Editing templates and calling third party services via an API may allow you to test 3rd party data integration.


@Unknwon you’re right, i forgot about the labels.

I know there are lots of other tool already doing things like tracking issues or messaging (slack).
The point for me is though, i don’t want to deal with lots of different applications at the same time, i’d rather have everything in one place.

Given the example of Slack: As is a very complex application, i’d not try to recreate it. There are quite good alternatives out there (like mattermost). The problem with Slack is though you tend to discuss a lot and don’t get any work done. Because of this, i’d rather have a (very very) simple chatroom, not a channel for everything and PMs and stuff…


This sounds like your team has problems with distractions :smile:. I’m familiar though, once we start sending images or videos on Slack, half hour of work is easily tossed out the window.

Using the auth within Gogs, you might be able to make a simple chat or board you can call from a custom template.

Alternatively something like this rendering-php-files might be an avenue for you.


Why would i want to render php files in gogs? :thinking:


Project management isn’t the purpose of Git.

Right, but gogs isn’t git. :wink:


Clever argument. LOL


I meant with “rendering-php-files” that php files were displayed in gogs, because different to try.gogs.io, it won’t work in my installation.[quote=“carmelo, post:5, topic:949, full:true”]



I am not following?


What are you looking for is something like Helpdesk system (osTicket, OTRS and many others). Gogs will always relate everything to git repositories it is handling.