Closing Pull Request via the cmd line doesn't show the "Merged" label


Hi I am using Gogs v0.11.19.0609 on linux running on docker with a MySql DB.

I am setting up continuous deployment and part of this is to automatically merge pull requests and close them via the command line. Following the documentation I am able to merge and close my PR e.g. when on master use the command:-1: -

git merge --no-ff [branch] -m “closed #[PR number]”

and then push master.

This works ok, and if you browse the PR page in the Gogs UI it shows as closed but with the “Closed” label in red. However, if you merge the PR via the Gogs UI the merge shows the label as “Merged” in purple (and below states that the branch is in fact now closed).

I was wondering if it’s possible to get the same behaviour showing the purple “Merged” label when doing the merge via the command line?

Cheers in advance


Hi, How to use smart commits doesn’t apply to pull requests I believe.


I hear what you’re saying, however, clearly the gogs UI does something under the hood when i PR is merged using the UI, I simply want to create the same behaviour but so i can automate our process