Can't push using ssh


my gogs version is:
I have 2 ssh keys on my gogs user account.
I have recently changed my gogs repos directory path to be in my disk (/mnt/disk/gogs-repos).
When I try to push using my second ssh key I get:

Gogs: Repository does not exist or you do not have access

But when I use the http method for push I doesn’t show any error and successfully pushes the commit.

My /var/log/gogs/xorm.log shows this:

2018/04/26 15:34:38 [FATAL] […its/gogs/cmd/serv.go:166 runServ()] Repository does not exist: daniel/
2018/04/26 15:38:38 [FATAL] […its/gogs/cmd/serv.go:166 runServ()] Repository does not exist: daniel/

I guess the problem is that it is using the name for the repository instead of luis.git

UPDATE: This error only appears when I try to use my second ssh key. Using my first ssh key doesn’t cause any errors or trouble


My problem. Sorry