Action table is not updated after merger from another gogs git

Hi there,
I had 2 gogs servers that run separately, so they had their own data (git-1 and git-2)
I just merged them into one by inserted git-2's data into git-1's corresponds tables. It just incremented rows’s ids and foreign-keys’s ids (merged git-2 into git-1).
I merged tables: User, Repository, Collaboration, PublicKey, Team, OrgUser, ProtectBranch, ProtectBranchWhitelist, TeamUser, TeamRepo, Access (another tables were empty or not contain useful info) but not Action table because it was very large and I thought it’s rows were just logs.

After merger, git-2's repos, users, teams, … were managed in new merged git server. I had some pushes on git-2's repos in new server and everything looked good.
But today i just queried Action table and figured out my new-pushes on git-2's repos (in new merged server) were not recorded in Action table.

How does Git keep track my actions on git-2’s repos (insert into Action table) after merger?


Hey, Git does not have the concept of action, it’s all Gogs thing. And Gogs uses repo_id and user_id to link users and repos, which… you would have to figure out the exact offset for your new users and repos after merged.