About the Technical Discussion category

If you are end users of Gogs and have completely no interests of how Gogs works.
Please go out and turn right. :beers:

Discussions about technical designs and implementations of Gogs.

Topics are including but not limited to:

  • How a particular feature is implemented.
  • How the design of a particular feature will be.
  • The workflow of a particular feature.
  • The design of a functional module.

Those topics are most likely to help you get started contributing code to Gogs project.

Conventions for topic’s title (starts with):

  • [Proposal]: draft of how a particular feature should be implemented/improved.
  • [Internal]: technical details/workflow of how a particular feature is implemented.
  • [Spec]: design document of a particular feature.
  • More to suggest.

Sometimes, a feature is too complicated to post the first draft here, you can open up a Google Document for peer reviews, for example, Gogs Plugin-System Design Specifications.

Create topics are limited to users who are in the group Community Contributors, but all users are welcome to join the discussion and improve the design.

Once we think you’re a qualified contributor based on merged pull requests, you will be added to the group Community Contributors as well.

To study source code, we recommend you use Sourcegraph.

Good luck!